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I've decided that although no one probably reads these I'm gonna start posting more blog entries on here to fulfill my dream of being a #cool #fun #trendy #blogger. 

I'm getting ready to head back to school (shoutout to Barnard College), and have been writing music like crazy even though i just finished recording and I honestly can't tell if these new songs are better than/worse than the songs I recorded and it's driving me insane.

Can't wait to start performing live again in new york city. Drop me…

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I am beyond pumped to be finally putting new music out with the help of my dope fantastic amazing phenomenal producer Dave Tweedie! Also huge thank you's to two members of my band, Levi Pugh on keys and Timmy Stabler on bass. I really can't wait for you to hear what these talented people have contributed to these songs. We recorded at Tam Sound Studios (Thank you Kursh family!) which is one of the most beautiful spaces to play music that I've ever been in. 


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Catch me on NBC's 'The Voice!' 

Hi Everyone!

Since last writing, I’ve been working really hard writing new music, performing, going to school and balancing a lot on my plate. I love it all! But, one of the most EXCITING things I wanted to share is…

I auditioned for NBC’s show, THE VOICE! The show continues airing on March 6-7, and I hope you’ll tune in to see if a chair turns for me!

Many people have written me to find out how they can help or support me on this journey, and I'm very grateful to have so many people believing in me! 


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